About Us

Trust Our Team to Help You With Your Real Estate Project


Daven Consulting Services has developed relationships with some of the best architectural and engineering experts who can support all of the product types that we can assist in developing and who can assist in finding creative solutions for our client’s development needs.


Daven Consulting Services was conceived by its principal to change the way day-to-day real estate development and construction is done. Our goal is to bring the best value to our clients.


Mr. Daven has more than thirty five years of both senior and executive management experience in the commercial and residential real estate development and construction industries.

Mr. Daven received his undergraduate degree in architecture from North Carolina State University. This education, along with his hands-on experience has allowed Mr. Daven to maximize the results of the projects which he has been associated. His knowledge and experience has allowed him to manage very demanding, schedule intensive projects. By using his out-of-the-box thinking, Mr. Daven has taken unsuccessful projects and made them successful.

Mr. Daven isn’t just a builder of projects but also a builder of people. The successes that he has achieved have been based upon his firm belief in team-work. Understanding the team’s potential and developing that potential has proven to be very successful not only for the projects, but also for the individuals who make up the team.

Mr. Daven’s real estate development and construction experience is very broad – including residential, commercial, and government projects. He has completed in excess of:

  • 6 Million square feet of Master Planned office developments and construction
  • 3.4 Million square feet of retail power-centers
  • 2.8 Million square feet of industrial projects/buildings
  • 650 Thousand square feet of hospitality developments/construction
  • 800 Thousand square feet of military projects
  • 2.5 Million square feet of residential & multi-family project.
  • 1.7 million square feet of Federal Government projects
  • Total value of developments/projects constructed exceed $2.75 Billion